Winter Newsletter- Jan 2007

Saturday February 24, 2007

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These are all pictures from early January. Recently we have been hit with a blast of arctic air that has put the temps below zero. Today January 15th the high will be 14 degrees. Now, we have been to the river and there are fish rising, but in my old age I am to much of a wimp to fish. Friday should be the first day above freezing in a while so we will start the adventure again at that time. It is a good time to twist up a few flies! Here's a picture at 20 below!    

Thermopolis is fishing really well as of December 20th! The game and fish has planted their annual batch of brood stockers. These 5# and 6# fish are not the sharpest sticks in the forest but are still a blast to catch! They have even been rising to midges during the warmest part of the day. Catching any 5# trout on a #20 dry is great sport.


The lower Shoshone is fishing great as well! Most of the vegetation has subsided and on the days when the wind is down many fish are found rising to dries. Midges are the main course but many fish are taking larger flies even though the naturals are few and far between. We have had some fantastic dry fly action on the days when the snow is falling straight down. It seems the best dry fly is through the Stock trail maybe because of the hot spring above but as the temps come up fish rise through out the river. Corbett has been great with streamers. The post spawn browns are really feeding up when the temps are up. For some reason this area can be dead calm when the rest of Cody is a hurricane. Willwood is still murky due to the sediment coming from behind the dam. Fish are being caught but the water is a lot cooler down there so the warm sunny days are more productive.


Keith and Randy Richardson came up for a weekend of winter fishing on December 15th and 16th.  We hit the Wind river canyon the first day and played with a few of the big boys. The weather was awesome, the water clear, and all in all it was a very relaxing and enjoyable day. We all caught some nice fish and even managed a few wild ones. Randy nailed a real nice wild brown!

  Here's Keith with a couple of nice ones! 

The next day we headed to the Corbett dam area. It started out a little slow but once the temperature came up the fish began to smack the bugger-sow bug combination. For the next couple of hours we had a blast with several fish over 20" and quite a few from 17" to 19". Not another fisherman in sight! There's not to many places that you can have a day like we had with the river all to yourself and such quality fish. Three guys standing in a river waving sticks. Thanks guys for a great weekend!



Tight Lines!


To see the pictures from some of our latest guided trips click here.

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