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December 2005/January 2006


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        Holiday Greetings from Cody, Wyoming!

Happy Holidays, everyone.  Winter is definitely upon us here in Cody, Wyoming.  We have had temps as low as 15 below in the past couple of weeks.  As much as I hate to admit it, that is too cold to fish.  Recent temperatures have risen to 50 degrees making for some very comfortable fishing.

We are limited to the 25 miles of river between Buffalo Bill Dam and Powell.  The flows are at 200CFS which is perfect.  We have been experiencing sparse hatches of midges and B W Os with some days better than others.  The canyon has been fishing well during the afternoon when the temps are up.  Pretty good surface activity with thread flies, Griffiths Gnats and Parachutes in #20 to #24.  If you are planning to go out try fishing a Zebra Midge dropper when risers are absent.

The river through town has been excellent on most days with the same hatches.  My favorite set up lately has been a 3 fly rig.  Size 8 Trude or Stimulator with a #14 BH Prince 24 down and a #14 soft hackle Sow Bug trailers.  Fish will take all 3 flys. When this fails I go to a Cone Head Bugger with the Soft Hackle trailer.

The fish are in pods.  If you dont get a bite within 10-15 casts move until you find fish.  The bite has been early from 9:00 to 2:00PM (Hint).  Sometimes the fish want movement so get the fly down and swing it to the surface.  The bite comes when the flies approach the surface. 


The lower river has been good as well. The water looks great. Most of the sediment gone due to the flushing flows. This has allowed algae to form on rocks so be careful when wading! The water is very clear. Be stealthy. Keep it slow. I start with a nymph rig. A large bead head such as a prince with a soft hackle, San Juan or an Egg works well. Also dead drift a bugger with a trailer. The hits are subtle so pay attention. We have nailed some real pigs from Corbett to Powell. Dont count on numbers in this section- 5 or 6 fish is a good day. Fish to 24 are very possible.

One final note:  Dawn and I would like to thank all of our friends for making 2005 the best year yet at Eastgate Anglers.  We sincerely value your support and we will continue to work hard to make your adventures something you will remember for a long time.  I had a blast fishing with all of you and I hope you will return to do it again next year. I would also like to say thanks to all my friends in Cody who have allowed me to fish private waters on their property, referred family and friends to Eastgate Anglers, and in general supported us all along the way.  Without your support our success would not be possible.




Fisherman's Profile:

Christmas Sweebe


Anyone who fishes around Cody had seen a guy fishing everywhere with a Black dog named Christmas.    Christmas has logged more miles fishing than 99% of the people who fish. She has been at my side almost everyday for the past 6 years.  Most people consider her the best fishing dog they have ever seen.  Christmas has truly mastered the art of fly fishing. She can ride a raft, navigate a pontoon and dodge hooks better than your average canine or human. 

Most days Christmas spends her time sitting in the sun on the bank enjoying the day watching people standing in the water waving a stick.  she is never in the way, never out of sight; just happy to be a part of the fisherman's life in such a beautiful place. 

At 15, Christmas is beginning to slow down a bit.  She is not quite as eager to chase a muskrat or swim the river as she once was.  But let the perfect opportunity present itself and she will suddenly show you what she has.  I could not have found a better fishing partner!


Dawn & Scott


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