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July/August 2006


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June and July have been busy months for Eastgate Anglers and the fishing has been fantastic!  Run-off came early and the Northfork has been fishing pretty good, so we have been fishing in faster waters than usual this year.  While that is great for fishing, it isn't so great for pictures.  Rowing in fast water means my hands are full, which doesn't allow for many "Kodak moments."  So we have fewer pictures than usual, but great memories. I hope you enjoy the newsletter!




Kevin Morse and his brother-in-law, Jim, came to fish Cody in early June.  Kevin came with a mission: to “catch some big fish,” so our best bet was a private lake in Meetetsee, which holds BIG cutts and rainbows.  This was Jim’s first fly fishing adventure, but he “caught on” quickly (so to speak).

We arrived at the lake around 8 a.m. and began by site fishing cruising fish from the bank.  It wasn’t long before both guys were hooking up.  It is a blast to see these big fish chase down a bugger at high speed!  Look at the color of some of these cutts (left)  Some were in the post-spawn stage, and “boy,” were they pretty. 

As the sun came up and the fish moved to deeper water, we took the raft out, anchored at both ends and began experimenting with retrieves trying to instigate a bite.  Once we figured out the fish wanted a vertical retrieve we were scoring once again.  After numerous fish we went in for lunch to rest our weary casting arms and refuel for the afternoon. 

After a delicious lunch, the bite was fair.  We moved from spot to spot, resetting the boat and picking up a couple of fish in each place.  We really wanted one of the huge rainbows that dwell in the depths of the lake.  However, this was not our destiny this day.  We had to settle for the “little” 18” to 22” fish. 

Kevin will be coming back in September to try again and explore other great fishing areas in Cody. I will be ready to give it everything I’ve got!  Thanks guys for a relaxing and fun day!


Mark Crosswell and his son, Reidar, came for a day of fishing in early July.  Mark is from Sandy Springs Georgia outside of Atlanta so we had plenty in common, both being Georgia boys.  The North Fork was high and fast so we decided on the Lower Shoshone so we could get out, fish, relax and work on a few techniques.  Reidar is eleven and already a dedicated fly fisherman (see fisherman’s profile).   After a few quick pointers Reidar made a cast and landed a nice cutt (see picture at right).   

What a way to start the trip.  We were bugger chunking using a Brown Conehead Bugger with a sow bug trailer.  The fish really wanted it moving in the morning so we used 2 foot long pulls with a pause.  We caught some nice cutts and browns and saw many more chasing the flys.  At one point Reidar waded into fast water made a nice down stream presentation with a mend and nailed a nice 18” brown.  Shortly after, he lost two more browns that would have been over 20”.

Mark, the mean time, patiently fished from the back of the boat- picking off a fish here and there.  Check out the nice brown Mark got on the swing (at right).  All in all it was a great day on the water!  In the afternoon the black caddis came off in droves and the presentation changed.  We had to swing the sow bug to the surface at the end of the drift. The bite was more subtle but Mark figured it out and landed many nice trout as the sun went down. 

There were many fish caught, many fish lost and new friendships initiated.  By the time I see these two fishermen next year, they will have numerous stories of the catch on the “Hooch,” I am sure!  Thanks for a great day.









Dan and Lynn Beck are from Tucson Arizona, but run a 55’ Hatterres out of Costa Rica in the winter.  During the summer months, they fly fish their way around the Rockies.  Wanting to try some new water, I got lucky with their decision to try Cody.  It turned out to be the right choice! 

They planned their trip mid-July and the water was still high on the North Fork.  We fished deep and despite the challenges we met we caught fish.  We call this chaos fishing. 

The chaos fishing began with the first fish hooked at the tail of a pool.  We were swept down stream, dodging rocks and spinning for a couple hundred yards before we were able to land the fish.  They loved it!  Fishing the North Fork in high water has to be a team effort because most of the time all I could do was keep the boat off the rocks.  The Beck’s were up for the task!  They caught fish, I rowed and we shared the netting, untangling and fly changes.  We had a ball!

Lynn had the “mojo” in the morning.  All we heard from the back of the boat was “I got another one.”  The fish are like small steelhead.  Some of the hardest fighting trout I have seen in some time.

The stop for lunch was a welcome break as we were all a little worn from fighting fish and rowing.  But the food seemed to revive Dan and he made his move and began hooking trout, after trout.  Check out the picture at left with his nice rainbow.  The bite lasted all day, it was fantastic!  Dan and Lynn had to admit it was the best day of fly fishing they had experienced anywhere!  A pretty nice compliment for this river for they have fished all the great ones.  Thanks for a real fun time and I forward to seeing these two back next year for a little more fun.


Anthony Aguirre and his brother, John, fished the Northfork with me late in July.  Anthony is from Powell, Wyoming, which is just down the road from Cody.  John is from Maryland, just outside of DC.  Anthony and I met in June at the Powell Kids Day.  Anthony and his son, Alex, took to fly fishing like ducks to water.

I knew this could be a challenging day for these two as it would be Anthony and John’s first time fly fishing.  On top of that we would be fishing from a boat in fast water chunking very heavy fly’s. We call this chaos fishing.  These guys “murdered’em.”

In the first two hours I am betting they landed 20 fish between the two of them and lost many more.  In the course of a day they had six doubles!  This is a fantastic showing by first time fly fishermen and I salute them both. 

Just before lunch a front came in and slowed things down a bit (Thank-goodness!  I needed the break!).  We stopped and had a nice lunch, went over some casting techniques and then continued down stream.

A game of “brotherly competition” was played throughout the day.  Prior to lunch it was noted that Anthony had been out front, but John started his comeback and dominated the early afternoon.  On one of the last holes on the float there is a dead tree that usually holds a couple of fish.  We call them Fred, Bob and Bill.  Not only did we exercise these guys but we found Phil and Ed, as well!  It was a fantastic day.  We hope to make this rodeo an annual event, including Fred, Bob, Bill, Phil, and Ed!  In the mean time, Anthony will be practicing and catching his son, Alex, up to speed.  We plan to introduce Alex to the “competition game” in the fall.  I can’t wait!





August 5, 2006





Mike Muffich of Yellowstone Valley Anglers and I had the pleasure of fishing with Ed Cook and some of his family members- his mother, Nancy, his daughter, Alexa and Alexa's boyfriend, Nick.  We had all fished together last year and had a pretty good day.  Today we simply picked up where we left off!  Since Ed only had time for a half day we fished the Northfork on foot.  We began our day at the Wapiti Public access right under the Wapiti bridge. 

When we reached our destination the group split into pods.  Mike fished dries with Nancy, who is an excellent caster.  Ed, who has fished the Northfork many times, opted to fish on his own.  I had the opportunity to fish with Nick and Alexa. 

We began fishing with a triple rig Hopper, nymph and a sow bug.  Nick landed a nice rainbow and lost 3 or 4 more right off the bat, so we knew the fish were there.  Alexa patiently worked the water waiting for her reward.  Ed landed a nice rainbow and hooked a couple more, but getting them in proved to be a challenge.  Nancy had a couple of lookers and landed one small rainbow.  The water was clear and the sun was bright so fishing with a dry was difficult.

We moved through the pocket water and finally Alexa's patience paid off!  She hooked and landed a nice white fish and a small rainbow.  Nick worked his way up to a real nice run, but had no luck.  Then we went to the "meat" (a bugger and sow bug)!  Before long Nick landed a couple of nice rainbows.  Generous boyfriend that he is, Nick shared the hole with Alexa, who also nailed a couple of beautiful fish.  See how their patience and sharing fared in the pictures at left.

Nick and Alexa both mastered the technique and pulled 4 to 5 nice fish each out of that one run.  The morning ended much to quickly - that is always the way when you are having so much fun!  Thanks guys for a great morning and I hope to fish together again soon.  Click here and take a look at the entire set of pictures we took on this trip.


Fisherman's Profile:

                   Reidar Crosswell                     




Reidar is only eleven years old and is anything but a kid!  He is a great young man!  Reidar, Mark (his father) and I fished for 12 hours straight and when we were finished all Reidar wanted to do was make "one more cast."  He learned how to throw streamers and caught a lot of fish.  He was never impatient nor did he complain when the bite slowed.  He listened to advice and was able to act on it.  He even untangled most of his own knots.  It was a real pleasure to fish with him and his Dad.  Reidar is already a fine fly fisherman and in the future we may be learning stuff from him, if he continues at this rate.  My hat is off to this fine young man and I look forward to next year when we fish again…



Till next time.... Scott



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