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August 2005 Update


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         Big Fish of the Month: Chip Clouse   

The hot temperatures are finally starting to subside in Cody. The hatches have been fair with mayflies mid day and caddis just before sun down.  The bite seems to be early and late with the exception of overcast days when the fish can turn on anytime.  The freestone streams have been the most consistent with fish rising to drys daily. 

Keith Richardson

Norm Wyman

I had the opportunity to fish the Greybull with Keith Richardson and his bother-in- law and sister-in-law, Norm and Pam.  The water was perfect.  The fish eagerly took a Para Sparkle Dun and X-Caddis.  We fished a dropper early, then went to drys.  It was Pam’s first day of fly fishing.  She learned casting, mending, line control, reading water, etc.  She patiently preserved combating a pretty stout wind and fast pocket water all day.  We had many fish take the fly, but just wasn’t able to connect.  Great job Pam!  We will get’em next time.

Norm had fly fished a couple of times before and he picked up right where he left off the last time.  As you can see by these shot at left he did well.  Nice little Cutt’s that have never been stocked.  It’s a pretty special place.  Keith had the big fish of the Day.  He was pretty happy about it as you can see from the smile at left.  A beautiful Yellowstone Cut on a dry.  It doesn’t get any better on the Greybull.

The Richardson/Wyman Page can be viewed by clicking here.

The Hoppers on the Northfork haven’t materialized yet so the dry action had been slow.  However, fish are being caught on droppers   I am catching most of my fish on big streams with a dropper of some sort.  Get it down and you will catch them.  A 12 to 15 fish day is very possible with 16” to 22” fish.

The canyon section below the Buffalo Bill Damn is fishing very well. Some Mayflies and Caddis are hatching.  Fish are still coming to big Turks.  My favorite set up has been a #8 Turks with 40 inches to a #14 black Copper John and another 12 inches to a black  Zebra Midge.  Fishing the edges can result in 30 fish days.

Deb Pedone on the Northfork.  First day of Fly fishing, first success!

The Lower Shoshone has been good, with some days much better than others.  My friend Eldon Hongo and his new wife, Terry, honored me with a honeymoon fishing trip.  It was Terry’s first time chunking buggers and only her second time fly fishing.  She stood in the front of the boat throwing those heavy flies all day!  We had many fish chase the fly but learning to the hook-set evaded us for quite a while.  Check out her smile! At  one side channel she had big Brown that must have been 5 or 6 pounds shake loose. 

All during this time Eldon was in the back fishing hard and picking up some nice fish.  Check Eldon's rainbows and cut at left.  Fifty feet before the take out, he hooked something with some serious weight.  We played the fish under the boat for 5 minutes, but unfortunately it got away.  We had a great day and congratulations to Eldon and Terry.  We wish you guys much happiness and many fish!

Click here to see all the pictures from the Hongo Trip.

The Upper Clarksfork and Sunlight has been somewhat inconsistent due to the evening thunderstorms.  The waters go off color and then clear only to go off color again and I think this slows the fishing a great deal.  When the water stays clear for a couple of days the fish turn on.

Lower Clarksfork is very low and hot.  As the temps cool the fishing should pick up.  Right now it is white fish-o-rama!  Some nice trout can be caught just at sundown.  Small Mayflies and Caddis are the ticket on top.  Use streamers for the bigger fish.

Fred Thranhardt

The rains came, the rivers swelled, but that didn't deter Fred Thranhardt and Chip Clouse from floating the Lower Shoshone!  We had bright sun, a full moon, and off color water to contend with.  Other than that it was perfect!  Despite these challenges, Fred and Chip caught a lot of fish.  The fish bit early and late.  The morning provided Cutthroats, 15 to 18 inches.  The Rainbows and Browns turned on in the evening.  They took a pink soft hackle Sow Bug on the swing.  Fred took over in the body count, but Chip ended the day with the big fish of the month.  Both of these guys worked hard all day and it paid off.  I had a great time fishing with both of these guys.

Chip Clouse

The lakes should start to pick up very soon.  We haven’t been fishing them because of the high temperatures.  There is also a lot of vegetation.  As the salad starts to break up it will release millions of scuds and the fish will begin to feed for the winter.  Right now it is Terrestrials, Beetles, Ants and Hoppers.  Look for some good fishing the first of September.  Browns will start the end of September at Newton and the Southfork Dike Pond.  The Dike pond has yet to clear from all that muddy run off this spring.  Hope to catch some really big ones out there this fall.

The Fall fishing is looking to be very good.  With the flushing flows and plenty of water this year our big fish areas should be great.  We are already nailing some hogs between Cody and Powell.  October 15th is prime time for big Browns.  Don’t miss out!

Fisherman's Profile:                                   

Keith and Randy Richardson

These are my extreme fishing guys!  They will go anywhere, at any time, any conditions! 

We have fished together many times over the last couple of years.  Most of our trips have been in extreme weather or extreme locations.  Only once have we turned back from a trip and it was me who caved!  It is always a pleasure to fish with a couple of guys who love the sport as much as I do.  Keith holds the record for the largest fish caught on an East gate Anglers trip.  A 27” Splake.  He prefers to fish drys but when the fish go down he is equally adept at chunking the meat.  We also just completed a grueling hike onto the Clarksfork Canyon in foul weather and plenty of mosquitoes.  A 1000’ ascent in a ¼ mile.  It was a long tough day but Keith has a great appreciation for wild pristine places.

Randy is the big fish guy.  Once he saw the results a Beldar Conehead with a Sow Bug trailer could produce, there was no turning back.  He has become a monster with the streamers and caught some huge fish in the lower Shoshone and Big Horn in Thermopolis.  Last spring he hooked a huge Rainbow down in Ralston that made a few jumps before parting company.  Possible the biggest fish to date seen in this area.  We are going back this year!

These are two great fisherman and two good friends.  They have been instrumental in getting Eastgate Anglers started and I hope to spend many more days on the water with them.

Thanks for everything!



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