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The weather has been nice since early February.  The temperatures have gotten as high as 60 degrees. It has made for some incredible spring fishing.

The Shoshone River below Buffalo Bill Reservoir has been fishing extremely well.  There is a good midge hatch followed by a mayfly hatch from 11 AM till around 3 PM.  The river has not suffered from the last 4 years of low flow as much as we had expected.  The fish are averaging 13 to 16 inches and are very fat.  I am only looking forward to it getting better between now and April 15th.  After April 15th the flows will be up with the start of irrigation season.      

My friends Kirk, Dave and I floated the Willwood to Powell section of the Shoshone March 3rd.  The water is clearing up and the fishing is good as you can see from the pictures at right.  The fish are fat and strong.  Check out the girth on these babes! 

The water is still cold so the fish were hugging the bottom.  Woolly Buggers with a soft hackle trailer was the ticket.  It was a beautiful day and the bite was on till about 3:00 when a front came in and the fish shut down.  I mean shut down… Not a fish after 3:00!!!

As this is a long float it worked out perfectly for us, otherwise we would have come in well after dark.  Six hours of catching was plenty for us.  It was a great day with great fishermen. 

For additional pictures from this day of fishing click here.




The lakes are on the verge of ice off.  If this weather holds, the lakes will be fishing well by early to mid-April.  For you lake guys here is a couple of pictures of our first lake fish of the season.  What a beautiful fish!


The North Fork of the Shoshone should be getting started in late March to early April as well.   If you don’t like fishing the Northfork in Spring, you don’t like to fish.  It made a believer out of my wife 2 years ago.  It is one of her favorites now.  The fish are some of the strongest I have seen anywhere! 


The 2005 spring season is looking good.   

Come and enjoy some of this great fishing early!


Fisherman's Profile: Steve Payne                    
You have to admire a guy that holds down a full time job and still manages to fish 6 days a week!  Steve Payne can be found at Newton Lake every afternoon after work, fishing like man possessed.  He has now taken over the title of "ole man" of Newton Lake.  No one knows the hatches of Newton Lake better than Steve.  He is an accomplished and innovative fly tier, tying some of the simplest and most effective fly's I have ever seen.  

Steve is originally from Cape Cod.  He moved to Wyoming to go to College in the '80's, where he met and married his wife, Kathy.  They have been in Cody for the past 5+ years.  When he isn't fishing he is cheering on his teenage son, Brandon, at swimming meets.  He has passed on his passion of fishing to Brandon, but right now Brandon's focus is preparing to swim in college.

We have had many great days fishing together and I have learned a lot from watching Steve fish.  I look forward to many more days on the water with this great friend.


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