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May 2006


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Our season began May 1st with a bang and promises to be a great one!  May  4th my wife's previous boss from Georgia, Diane Davies, came with her friend Sarah to experience fly fishing in Cody, visit Yellowstone Park, and "catch up" on a thousand stories.  It was a great 3 days.

Diane Davies, who my wife loves to tease by calling the "Grandmother of Environmental Education (EE)," initiated the EE program in Georgia over 25 years ago.  She is a Kellogg Fellow, a horse trainer, a potter (she now throws pots for a living) and was actually honored in Georgia as the "Godmother of EE" about 8 years ago.  She also knew about fly fishing, so we focused on introducing her friend Sarah to the sport. 

Sarah has been a fisherperson for many years so she caught on quickly.  Once she understood the mechanics of casting she was able to catch and bring in the fish.  We intended to practice casting on Newton Lake and then progress to the Shoshone River.  But Newton was "on!"  Once these ladies caught a couple of big fish I couldn't drag them away, so we stayed on Newton.  As you can see from their smiles they enjoyed the day. 

Click here to see the entire scrapbook.

Keith and Randy Richardson came to Cody for their annual spring trip on May 13th.  This was their first "sunny and warm" annual trip!  If you have checked out the spring newsletters from previous years, you might note the snow and the winter attire in the pictures each year the Richardson crew has come.  It is a joke with my wife that the weather will turn to winter on the weekend the Richardson's arrive.  However, this year they broke the spell.  In fact, we had record breaking heat the week they were in Cody.  We hit the Shoshone just right, before run off began and managed a 50 fish day.  Of course, we also hit several lakes in the days they were here. Check out their May 2006 Scrapbook page for pictures from their trip.

Usually, Eldon Hongo is with them on this trip but he couldn't make it this year.  Yeah, congratulations Eldon we here you are going to be a Papa!


I had another returning favorite May 18th.  Fred Thranhardt from Florida came with his daughter Amy and son, Derrick, for 3 days of fishing fun.  Fred and Amy have both fished with me several times before, but this was Derrick's first trip out with them.  It is awesome to see a family that enjoys being together and fishing together like these guys. 

The fishing was tough while they were here, but they all hunkered down and made it happen.  Check out their scrapbook for this trip.  They are returning in early June and the fall so we will have an opportunity to "put it on'em" then.

Thranhardt Scrapbook, click here.


Fisherman's Profile:

                        Pat Shelladay



Pat and I met at the local fly shop in Cody years ago.   We share the same enthusiasm for fly fishing.  As my wife will tell you, fly fishing is the only topic of conversation when we are together.  Once she tried to expand out topic of conversation by setting a 15 minute "no fish talk" rule.  We couldn't make it 2 minutes!  Pat and I fished many of the back country streams in the local areas together until Pat moved to Florida a couple of years back.

 Pat is a very accomplished fly tyer and even though he is in Florida he still sends me care packages of flies to try on some of my adventures.  After being hit with a couple of hurricanes and the rising cost of fuel for his boat, Pat and Doreen are considering moving back west.  He and his Dad, Jim, spent a couple of days here this spring looking for property and, of course, we had to fish a bit.  As you can see by the pictures above, he hasn't lost his touch.  Here is to you and Doreen moving back soon.  Scott


  To all of you in the know the word is:  

Ba Behr!



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