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April 2006


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The North Fork has been fishing well when the conditions are right. Keep an eye on the flows . I think that as soon as the lower snow melts we will have a great window of opportunity until the big push from run off hits. Fronts can greatly effect the bite. The fish are there! If there is at least 1 ft of visibility the river is fishable. Large flies way down with some sort of a dropper is all it takes. The North Fork fish always seem to prefer a dead drift in the spring. Watch for animals on the road and in the woods. Lots of bear sign at Eagle Creek and above Pahaska.

Newsletter in memory of Wendell "Rick" Richardson.


The really good fishing is in our secret place. Some friends and I have been catching lots of UUGE! fish.  Check out some of these fish in the pictures to the left That rainbow is 25 inches and probably weighs about 7 lbs.  The water is perfect, clear, no vegetation. 

Jim Blakeslee (below) is smiling over his 23 inch rainbow.  These guys really put up a fight. Jim caught one even bigger earlier in the day that he thought could have gone 8 lbs. He said it was the largest trout of his life.


The river in town is in irrigation mode. The water is high and slightly off color but very fishable. Midges, BWO's and caddis are hatching. Not to many fish up on the adults yet . Buggers and Sow Bugs fished deep along the edges and pour overs are taking fish. Nymph rigs with a Prince or a Halfback on point and a San Juan or a Sow Bug dropper.The fish should settle down and really start feeding as the water temperature rises. This pattern will hold and the fishing should continue to get better unless the entire system is muddied by run off. The Paul Stock trail is the most consistent right now. PRAY FOR THE MOTHER"S DAY CADDIS!

The canyon, as always is a dependable bet. There is some spawning activity starting . The fish are eating well. Midges and BWO's are taking fish on top. I have been fishing a 3 fly rig with a big Royal Trude on top, down 2 feet to a black Copper John and a Zebra midge or a FBPT dropper on the bottom. I am taking fish on all three flies. Look for the mothers day caddis and remember in the middle of June there is a great golden stone hatch in there. Watch for snakes as summer approaches.

The lower river is still fishable as long as the water stays fairy clear, however it will not fish nearly as well as it does during the lower flows. The other day the river below Willwood had one heck of a caddis hatch and even though the water was murky the fish were pounding the bugs on top. This hatch will hopefully continue up stream and provide some great action in town soon. We'll keep our fingers crossed that the caddis have recovered quickly from the years of low flows.

The Greybull and Wood are still providing some great fishing! Water quality has been holding fairly well  but this could change at any time with warmer temperatures on the way. There have been caddis and a lot of stones coming off and the fish are readily taking big dries if the water is clear. The small black winter stones have been the most plentiful with a few skwalas and even some goldens mixed in .I fish a dropper if the water starts to cloud and a bugger when it goes off color.

Iíve had some good days on the Clarksfork outside the Canyon.  We are picking up some nice rainbows and browns in the deepest holes on streamers.  Use a dead drift and really get it down.  A heavily weighted fly with a long leader works the best.  I use an indicator on a 10í leader.  The bites can be subtle so the indicator really helps. There can be some real pigs caught this time of year. There are lots of caddis coming off here as well and even a few stones. Fishing has been sporadic with the influx of run off and fronts moving in. When the flows hit 800 it will be done till around the 1st of July.

Newton has been on fire with lots of midges and a few callibaetis hatching. It has been especially good on the calm days with fish rising everywhere. There are many ways to catch them but the most successful way for me has been to suspend  an unweighted midge below a weighted midge from an indicator. The fish don't want to see any movement from the flies or from your casting. Toss it out and just let it sit. Fish on in a minute or so! Bobber fishing. Brings back memories of being a kid again. Luce has been good on the calmer days also. We have been sight casting to them with a Zebra midge up front and a San Juan trailer. The San Juan has been really getting them. The water is high but the fish are cruising and it is nice not to have to walk in that #%@# mud. Private water have been fantastic! Midges and lots of callibaetis are coming off. If you like big fish this is it!


Spring is upon us so come on out and participate in some of the best fishing around.  We have good snow pack on our summer looks to be one of the best in several years.


Fisherman's Profile:

Jon Gates


Jon and Linda Gates moved from Cheyenne last year after retiring as CEO of the Hospital there.  Jon's goal for retirement was to become a good fly fisherman.  We have spent many good days on the rivers and lakes around Cody. This winter Jon began to learn to tie flies and on March 31st caught his first fish on a fly he tied himself.  He is one of only a few fisherman I have known that does practice.  He is a real joy to work with.  As you can see from the profile pictures and the North fork article at the top of the page, Jon is making progress!  I hope to spend many more days on the water with Jon.  He is one of us!

Dawn & Scott


 Happy Easter from Cody, Wyoming!

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