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September 2006


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Anthony Aguirre and his son Alex came for a day of fishing and learning on September 24th for Alex's birthday. What a great birthday present!

I met Anthony and Alex at Kids fishing day in Powell this summer. They both took to fly fishing right off and in less than a year have progressed by leaps and bounds. Alex had the roll cast down so we started at a private pond with hopes of getting a good forward cast going and maybe getting a few fish in the process. Anthony started right where we left off earlier this summer by catching fish! Alex and I had work to do. There was a pretty strong wind so we used it to our advantage by putting it to our backs and began learning the basics of casting. Within an hour or so Alex had the idea and was casting 20 to 25 feet which was plenty of distance to catch fish. Here he is with a couple of nice ones!

After a nice lunch we decided to hit the canyon to work on a little moving water. When we arrived the fish were rising so we began stalking them with a dry fly. Alex was able to see the fish, stalk into position, cast, mend, and hook fish on a dry! Pretty darn impressive showing by this young man! As usual Anthony caught fish.

We had a short float planned for the last half of the day and Alex was really looking forward to it so we headed to the river. The sun was out and it was a beautiful day . Here's Alex floating down the canyon (at right) on his first float trip! Now he was fishing with the big boys. We handed him a rod with a Beldar, rigged Ubangie style and let him go to work. The bright sun had the fish down so we really had to work for them but in a matter of minutes Alex had a fish. Great job! He looked pretty happy!

The river was a little slow but everyone caught a few fish and all in all we had a great time. Alex was able to get his forward cast going very nicely by the end of the day. At one point I looked over at Anthony and he had a darn good double haul working. He has only been casting for a couple months. I think it took me a couple years to get one going. These guys are really into fly fishing and it shows. We will start fly tying this fall. I think Alex said it best

FLY FISHING IS............!

To see pictures of the entire day see the Aguirre Scrapbook page by clicking here.

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Gary Hoar from Cody and his good friend Dan Bare were looking for a day of float fishing in Cody. I'd met Gary and his wife Jan at a class for teaching kids to tie flies a couple years ago. We've had some weather changes the past couple weeks, so I let them know that it could go either way as far as catching; but they said "lets go!"  We started about 9:00am and within the first couple casts Gary had the stink off the boat with a solid 18" or 19" rainbow!  The fish were on the move early and it wasn't long after Dan hooked his first fish with the Wyoming look-away, a 18" cutt. The fish were chasing streamers and once the guys figured out just the right retrieve we began catching! This was their first experience with the "Ubangie" technique and as the fish continued to chase their flies their confidence increased. The weather was nice with just the right amount of cloud cover and the bite was good.

After a couple hours of intense bugger chunking we stopped for a nice relaxing lunch in order to refuel for the rest of the day. Gary relinquished the front of the boat to Dan and now he took command! Not a minute after we left the shore, fish on!. The fish gods were on our side for most of the day and many nice fish were caught, lost, or seen chasing our flies. This is extremely visual fishing. Great fun! The bite slowed a little in the late afternoon and we stopped at a few likely holes and with a little patience were able to bring a few more fish to the net. We never saw that one real monster that we were all looking for but right before sun down a couple more nice browns hammered the buggers. Gary and Dan both had fish on within 50 yards of the take out. A great way to end a great trip!

I really enjoyed fishing with you guys! Lets do it again soon!

To see all the pictures from the Hoar fishing trip click here.


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