Spring '04 Newsletter

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Spring in Wyoming is my favorite time of the year and this one is no exception.  Fortunately, we have been receiving some moisture to reinforce the meager supply of snow pack.  The nights remained cool and the waters clear.  Spring is a great time to start a new hobby, like fly fishing.  I have had a couple of new fly fisher-person’s that proved to be avid anglers in no time!

In April, one of my good friends, Mike Moucha, brought his girlfriend along to learn to fish.  Alice Hall, a local from Cody, had fished with her Dad when she was young, but had never fly fished.  Alice picked up the sport pretty quickly and it wasn’t long before she was tight to a fish!  Patience and perseverance pay off again.  According to these pictures one would suspect that she enjoyed herself.

A few weeks later Mike returned with Dad from Florida to enjoy a little spring fishing in Wyoming.  The winds that day were tough for fishing but he managed to catch several beautiful rainbows.  He was all smiles!


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My new friends Keith Richardson, Randy Richardson and Eldon Hongo came to fish for a couple of days in May.  It was Eldon’s first experience with fly fishing and I was really looking forward to showing him a good time.  The first day we took a chance trying to out run a snow storm by fishing the Bighorns.  The water was perfect, as was the day, and it wasn’t long before Eldon caught his first of many fish.  As it turns out, Eldon is the first person I have ever seen that was a natural at fly fishing. He was casting and catching fish in no time.  Some of his successes are shown here.  What a fantastic day.

 Day two we awoke to four inches of fresh snow and rain.  We had planned to fish a private lake but were shut down by the weather.  We decided to fish right in Cody where we were close to a hot cup of coffee.  The day went pretty closely to how I have described it below.  The pictures are proof that this isn’t one of my “fish stories.”

 At our first stop we made a pact to leave the competition at home and started a 5 dollar big fish pool.  Keith immediately clinched the pot with the biggest trout ever caught on an Eastgate Anglers trip.  It was also his personal best.  We’re not sure how big it is but as you can see it was huge?  Randy put forth a great effort with the most fish and a 22 inch specimen.  The next spot we fished Eldon caught his big fish and everyone landed several very respectable rainbows.  We finished the day in the canyon west of town.  The fish were smaller, but cooperative and we had fun fishing in a snow storm.

Day three brought perfect weather; partly cloudy with very little wind.  We fished a private pond in Meeteetse.  While we were setting up, the guys fished big black Wooly Buggers for cutthroat’s from the bank.  They had a great time experimenting with their retrieves in order to get the fish to take.  Randy seemed to really excel at this, landing fish after fish.  Since the callibaitis weren’t coaxing the fish t the surface, we went for broke with sink tips.  We began trolling big Buggers with a Damsel Nymph trailer.  The big rainbows must have been looking for the damsels.  Everyone began hooking up one after another.  The fish were fat and beautiful.  We split up in one man pontoons and fished till out arms were sore.  It was a great way to end 3 great days of fishing and companion ship.  Thanks again guys for a really great time. 

 What a way to start another great fishing season in Wyoming.