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October 2005


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Fall Colors in Cody, Wyoming!

Here is the current fishing forecast: 

Now that the Lower Shoshone has stabilized with winter flows the fishing is awesome.  The Browns are on the move and we are catching really nice fish on the entire river.  It very possible to hit pods of risers eating midges and blue wing’s in smaller sizes. Some fish still take trudes, turks and hoppers.  Streamers can be very effective with soft hackles and eggs as trailers.  Dry dropper can be very effective below the dam and on the Stock trail.

Newton and Luce are fishing great with scuds, midges, San Juan Worms, trolling buggers working well on most days and really well just before sundown.  Blind casting with various soft hackles was very effective for us. 

The freestones, like the Greybull, North Tongue and Clarksfork will fish well till the really cool weather finishes them for the season.  Small dries and midge droppers worked well for me this week. Look for big Browns to start spawning on the Lower Clarksfork.  Big fish, Big Bait!  Lastly take a look at the Southfork Dike Pond.  Some of the biggest fish in the area reside there.  The lake has been muddy all year but now is the time to look for Big Browns cruising the banks.

Last year a couple of fish over the 30” mark were landed there at this time.  Have fun, Scott.


Today, October 27th, is my wife’s birthday and I would like to start by thanking her for being the biggest part of the wonderful life we have here in Wyoming.  She does all my web site work, handles the paper work, and anything else that needs doing at East gate Anglers.  I love you!

Fall is upon us and the weather has been beautiful with the exception of a couple of much needed snow storms.  Fred Thranhardt fished for a couple of days just after a big front came in.  The fishing got tough.  We hit Newton lake to try and dodge muddy waters after the snow. Fred and I spent 7 hours walking around Newton site fishing some big bows.  He landed a dozen or more Rainbows and a beautiful Brookie.  We took a drive to Luce Lake to end the day with a couple more nice Rainbows.  This was a tough day of fishing that required very quick accurate casts to very spooky fish!  Fred was up to the task as you can see from the pictures at left.

The next day our plan to float the Shoshone, but it was delayed by continued muddy water from snow melt.  We hit a private lake and picked up a couple of nice fish although the bite was off.  Did I mention the fishing was tough? 

Around 1 o’clock we came back to town and floated the Shoshone.  We picked off a couple of fish on streamers. We then found a couple of pods of risers and we were able to get some nice cuts with dries.  The first tributary we came to was dumping mud.  We were still able to pick up some nice fish but the conditions made for tough fishing.  The moral of the story is that fishing is fishing.  With patience and perseverance we were able to take advantage of the opportunities that presented themselves.  Fred, being a skillful fisherman, was able to make something happen.  (Did I say the fishing was tough?)

For a better view of Fred's pictures at left double click on the images.


Kim and Kevin Fishing Together


From the North Tongue

Kevin and Kim Bartenfield, some friends of ours from Tennessee, came and stayed with us for a week during the same weather front.  The fishing was TUFF!  However, Kim did land her first fish on a fly rod.  We were fishing in the canyon below buffalo Bill Dam, which is always pretty dependable and not affected by run off.  Check out her award winning smile!

Kevin and I fished Newton a couple of times and guess what. The fishing was tuff!  Here is Kevin with a well deserved fish.  --------------------->

On their last day we hit the North Tongue which was actually fishing pretty well.  The beavers had built several dams on the river, and the fish were all podded up in the deeper water for the winter.  When we approached we saw they were rising to very small midges.  I looked down stream and saw a huge Cutthroat sitting in the middle of the river.  I snuck up behind it and made one cast and it was gone!  The water was real clear and it was a bright sunny day with no wind.  We continued to fish using a dropper rig with 2 nymphs.  A 3" Rainbow took the first nymph.  As I was reeling him in the big Cut came back and proceeded to eat the Rainbow several times.  I left it in the water and finally the cut took a 24 midge pupa on the bottom of the rig.  I think the cut looks like it is 20-21 inches and fat!  It took a 24 fly on 6 X. That could qualify as bait fishing.  Here’s a picture from this fish tale for you (at left).

Kim's First Fish


Kevin at Newton


Kim on the Shoshone


My good friend Steve Payne had a visit from his brother Andrew.  This was Andrew's first visit to Cody after being away for a couple of years.  He was here for a week, so we had the opportunity to fish several times. 

He has been an avid fisherman all his life.  For this week he vowed to only fish with a fly.  Steve fished with him almost everyday. They hit Newton, Luce, the Canyon and then Lower Shoshone.  Andrew caught fish everywhere. 

On his third day of fly fishing we floated the Lower Shoshone, chunking Buggers.  It took him a little while to get used to it but in only a few minutes he was hooking up.  The fish were chasing and we had a blast watching them come to our flies.  Check some of these nice Browns (below).  Andrew improved greatly in just a few days and says he now has a whole new world of fishing to explore. It was great to fish with you again, Andrew.



Robin Jahnke and Bob Koehlen from Sierra Trading came for a day of searching for big Browns.  The winter flows had just begun.  We had planned to fish the Corbett Dam area, but it was too muddy on the banks and the fish had just started to bunch up.  Newton Lake was our next best bet for big fish. 

The Browns at Newton had started their spawning ritual.  The big males were looking for places to make some nests and the females were still out in the lake eating as much as they could pre-spawn.  We knew from the start anytime you target only big fish it can be tuff.  We had bright sun and it was dead calm.  The water was low also so the fish were extremely spooky.  We started by site fishing around the edges.  We saw fair numbers of fish but they were so spooky we could hardly get off a cast without spooking them.  By 2:30 in the afternoon we had only hooked 3 or 4 and only landed one.  We came to an area where the water was a little deeper and decided to do some blind casting before looking for some other water.  It wasn’t long before Bob hooked up to a nice female Brown.  Then a real trophy male in full spawning colors.  We experimented with flies and Robin hooked up with a nice Brown, then another.  For the next several hours the guys hooked fish.  We even had a couple of doubles.  Bob got the Newton grand slam with a Rainbow, Brown, Brookie and Splake.  Robin was a Brookie short of getting a grand slam also.  At one point he had a Brookie, but lost it. 

It turned out to be a great day with both guys catching trophy Browns.  It took patience and persistence and commitment to stay the course in big fish water but it paid off as you can see.

Click here to see the entire Robin Jahnke and Bob Koehlen scrapbook.




Fisherman's Profile:

Harry Francis


Harry Francis is one of the last remaining members of the “Old Guys of Newton Lake.” The “Old Guys of Newton Lake” taught me everything I know about Newton- her season’s, her moods, her secrets. Even at 84 years young, Harry can consistently catch fish in one of the most challenging lakes in the area.  He calls Newton “Frustration Lake” but most of the time when you see him he has a fish on the end of this line.  Harry is an accomplished fly tyer with a collection of materials to envy.  From time to time I’ll get a call from Harry, offering me some obscure and highly prized tying material.  He always has a smile and time to talk fishing. 

Harry got in the fall spirit by landing this beautiful Brookie last week.  Congrats to Harry and we wish you many more years of good fishing.

Dawn & Scott


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