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February 24, 2007

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It is the holiday season, which always makes my wife and I reflect on the year we have had.  This year we are very grateful to have met some new friends, continue to build our relationship with old friends, and enjoy some fishing at the same time.

This past year we had some of the best fishing yet!   If you look at the archives of the newsletters and scrapbook pages you will see what I mean.  It is always a privilege to be there when someone catches their first fish on a fly rod.  It is a once in a life time opportunity.  I also enjoyed fishing with the beginners that caught there first fish ever.

I especially enjoyed fishing with the kids this year.  They made my year.  It is great to see their smiling faces and hear them scream, "Fly Fishing Is Easy!"

I would like to thank all the local folks that have extended me the opportunity to fish on their property and provide my clients with some excellent private waters.  I would also like to thank the folks in Cody for making referrals to me.  Word of mouth is absolutely the best advertising. 

Happy Holidays!



I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season

and a good fishing year in 2007.


Saturday November 3rd. My dog Christmas and I have been doing lots of fishing on our own. This is one of my favorite times of the year. The weather is still nice, the fish are willing, and we are the only ones on the water. We can fish with careless abandon. This day we decided to explore a tributary of the Shoshone which I haven't fished in a while, to check out some spawning browns and just see how the fish have been holding up. This creek is the closest thing we have to a spring creek. The fish were there and doing just fine! We fished a mile or so just enjoying the day watching the wildlife. Solitude equals peace of mind! Here's a few pictures from our trip.

My friend Steve Payne, Christmas, and I went in search of Bear River cutthroat today November 4th. The lower Shoshone is one of the best places to see these unusual fish. They can be recognized by the bright yellow fins and the large sparse spots. We found them and a few other species. All the fish in this section of river are pretty much untouched, fat, and healthy. The weather was again spectacular. We had to work for these guys. They were on the bottom and wanted the fly on a slow swing for most of the day. We didn't see many bugs hatching. At sunset there was a small midge hatch that got a few fish up in the riffles and chasing. Check out this picture of a double natural arch. One is at the top of the picture and the other is right on the water. Another great day on the water with two good friends.

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