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As you can tell from this newsletter my customers have had a ball fishing in Wyoming this year.  To achieve the same results my customers have had click here for instructions for tying the four flies that probably produce more and bigger fish than all others put together! 

Jeremiah Macmiller

Update!!!! October 24, 2004

The Brown's have begun their spawning run on the lower Shoshone.  Jeremiah Macmiller from Fort Collins, CO came up to investigate the fall fishing runs October 23, 2004.  This was my first expedition since the waters dropped and we had pretty good success.  We caught some really nice one's and missed some even bigger one's (this is not a fish tale!).  This is streamer (booger chunking) fishing at its best.  Fishing should continue this way for about a month.  Come and check it out.  In the meantime enjoy the pictures at right.

Click here to see the entire gallery of fish.

Late September and October is just on the verge of some of the best fishing of the year.  This fall my friend Randy Richardson, his daughter, Renée and his buddy Mick Powers came to experience the local waters. On the first day we dedicated our efforts to teaching Renee how to fly fish.  We worked a small private pond in the morning, concentrating on casting, line control and fish playing.  Renée handled the challenge beautifully, already starting to cast with feel, able to recognize some of her mechanical faults and attempt to correct them.  The fish were uncooperative , however, so we moved to the river.  The fish were up on drys, big time!  It wasn't long before she landed her first fish on a fly!  A once in a life time experience. As her casting and mending improved so did the catching.  At one point she landed two fish on one cast (one on the sparkle dun, another on the midge, at the same time).  Great Job!

The following day Randy, Mick, my wife, Dawn, and I hit Newton Lake to sight fish the "big boys."  The weather was perfect; a bright sunny day with no wind!  Newton Lake in the fall is big fish, light tippet, and stealth on the part of the angler.  In my opinion, this is some of the most exciting and challenging fishing we do all year.  As you can tell from the picture at right Randy had a big payoff for his efforts on this day.

Next, Dawn dropped us off to float the Shoshone for an afternoon of fishing big streamers with a pink sow bug dropper.  While I was setting up for lunch Mick hooked a beautiful Brown about 18 inches with that indignant look that Brown's have that says "is that all you got?"  Nice Fish. 

We took several more from the bank, but once we started floating again things really heated up. Randy and Mick both began catching fish after fish.  Mick, who is a seasoned veteran of fly fishing commented, "we're the only one's on the river."  That is the beauty of fly fishing in Cody during  the fall.






Brown with an attitude!

To view the Richardson Fall Scrapbook Page click here.



To view the Richardson Fall Scrapbook Page   click here.

The following weekend Randy returned to Cody with Renée and his other daughter Karla.  Renée also brought a friend of hers, John, to try out this new "fishing thing."  To accommodate everyone Dawn and I  took a chance with Karla and John's first day of fishing by taking them to Newton Lake (No guts, No glory!).  A front had slowed the fishing somewhat, but after learning to cast Karla hooked three nice fish and came within a couple of feet of victory with a big Bow.  Nice work, Karla.

Renée landed two nice Bows as you can see from the pictures (left).  John worked hard at Newton but left there "fishless."  But his luck and skill changed at the Shoshone River.  I was privileged enough to be there for two more "first fish" on a fly rod photo opportunities.  Patience and perseverance prevailed.  Those guys worked hard and I was proud of all them!

We had a phenomenal year again this year  Many great trips, lots of impressive fish and, most of all, unforgettable experiences with new friends  My wife and I would like to give thanks to everyone who chose Eastgate Anglers for their guide services this summer.  You are all treasured friends, as well as appreciated customers. 

Thanks also to:

  • Doug, Wanda, Rae and Warren Hunter for the use of their pond and for feeding us when we are too tired to "stir up some grub!"
  • Don and Evylen Hicks for your encouragement and support. 
  • The guys from Sierra for some great times and their support through referrals.

Special thanks to my wife, Dawn, who has supported me emotionally, as well as financially.  She allows me to continue to live the life I've become accustomed to in Wyoming. 

November and December promise to be great fishing.  The River is scheduled to drop October 17th so get ready for small dry's on the upper Shoshone River and killer streamer action between Cody and Powell.  Don't miss the best fishing of the year!  Be sure to check out my fall flies report before you leave for the river or call for an update (307-587-3059) .

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