The Annual Earth Day Fishing Trip

April 2006


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See the current Spring Newsletter (2006) for the current fishing report.

For the annual Earth Day 2006 fishing trip I headed to the Green River below Flaming Gorge on the Utah/Wyoming boarder with my friends Jeremiah Mackmiller, his brother and nephew, Calvin and Corbin Alvarado.  My good friend John Perry (half of the famous Perry Brothers) and Steve Taterchuk, a member of the Sierra Trading Post Family, were also on hand for the adventure.  This was my first trip to the Green, so it was good to have a bunch of experienced guys to show me the ropes. 

I arrived about 1:30 on Friday and headed straight to Little Hole, where I was to walk up stream and meet the guys as they floated down.  The gorge is absolutely gorgeous.  Christmas (my trusty fishing dog) and I started up the bank and began spotting fish everywhere.  The fish were laying low in the bight sun and crystal clear water.  There were lots of little midges 22#-24# and a few BWO’s.  I managed to catch a few on a zebra dropper, swinging it to the surface.  But basically there wasn’t much going on so I continued up stream to try and walk my way out of the crowds.


About a mile upstream we (Christmas and I ) spotted an opening with quite a few fish starting to rise.  As the sun went below the canyon the fish turned on.  As I was landing another fish the guys came around the bend.  After greetings and introductions we jumped in the boats and headed down. We stopped on the opposite bank and found a couple of eddy’s full of rising fish.  We fished till we could no longer see to tie on flies. 

We got off the water at around 10:00, the last boat out as usual.  Steve was in charge of the grub, and man, that was lucky for us!  By the time we finished the shuttle he had a great gourmet meal of pork chops and pasta with smoked Mahi-mahi as an appetizer. He was nominated as the permanent camp cook!

We woke up Saturday and took our time getting to the put-in to try and let some of the crowd subside.  “Wrong!”  I don’t think I have ever seen as many boats in one spot.  We left the shore with John, Steve and I in one boat; Jeremiah, Calvin and Corbin in the other.  The canyon was beautiful and although crowded, we managed to find an opening here and there.  Fishing was tough at the get go.  We got a couple of fish nymphing, but we soon realized it was better to stop and fish to risers from the bank.  Each time we stopped all of us managed a couple of fish.



I had a quart of chocolate whoppers for snacks, which we polished off in about a half hour.  I’ll bring more next time.  After lunch we switched boats.  As long as the fishing was slow I volunteered to row (ha, ha!).   We picked up a fish here and there. 

Corbin, at 12 years old, is already a very accomplished fly fisherman.  His Dad, Calvin, takes him fishing every chance he gets, and it shows.  Corbin is so focused that even a dislocated finger doesn’t stop him.  He dislocated his little finger landing a big fish at the Grey Reef and if you ask him he’ll show you by dislocating it for you. 

The later it got the more risers we began to see.  We found a huge eddy with a bunch of risers and Calvin began stalking.  We cast to many fish only to be rejected, till we saw one rising consistently by a big rock.  Calvin made a perfect cast and there it was!  At about 6:30 heads started to appear and it was “on!”  Corbin had his first real experience fishing little tiny dries.  He landed 4 or 5 from one spot.  The technique was: make a straight cast, guess where your fly is, see a head, set the hook!...  Great dry fly fishing in the dark. 



To end our perfect day, Steve once again cooked a killer meal, which was ready by the time we finished the shuttle.  The day came to an end with a great dinner, a good fire, coyotes howling, and finally, sleep.

Sunday we decided to wade fish because we all wanted to start for home by 1:00.  We walked up stream from Little Hole.  Christmas and I started fishing right away.  Everyone else continued upstream.  I managed one fish early and that was it.  There were lots of people, bright sun and gusty winds making it difficult.

After walking up stream a ways I found John nymphing a run.  He nailed a couple deep.  We continued up stream and finally found a couple of risers.  On first fish I was rejected, then I got the dreaded double rejection!   This is when a fish rejects you then comes back for a second look and rejects you again.  We looked up stream and saw more people so we just went back down to where Calvin and Corbin were fishing to wait for the others.  Calvin and Corbin were sitting on the best hole in that stretch and had a pod of fish rising in the middle of an eddy.  I had a spool of 10X that I have had for a couple of years and asked if anyone would like to try it.  I got the “You’ve got to be kidding” look.  To demonstrate I tippeted down and dropped a 24 midge in the hole.  There was no hesitation at all.  “Fish On!”  This peaked Corbin’s interest so he decided to try.  He had to make a 20’ cast in gusty wind and put the fly on the fish’s nose.  He made a reach cast, put a mend on it, and fish On!  Some how he managed to stay calm with everyone yelling instructions and landed a brown on 10X (1.2 pound test).

I don’t think I have ever been as proud of a kid fishing as I was at that moment.  That was truly an impressive feat and a great way to end the Earth Day Extravaganza.  Thanks, guys, for a really fun time.  Here is Corbin with his fish.


Who will be next?




Fisherman's Profile:

Corbin Alvarado


This kid fished with the big boys for 3 days and never slowed down.  He never got bored or complained.  He just fished.  Corbin already has a good straight forward cast and a high back cast with a good single haul.  If you show him something he can do it almost immediately.  He ties his own flies.  With his Dad, Calvin, and Uncle Jeremiah coaching him it won’t be long till he’ll be a force to be reckoned with in Fly Fishing.  I can’t wait to fish with him again!

Dawn & Scott


 Happy Mothers Day from Cody, Wyoming!

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