2005 Summer Newsletter


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Now that summer is in full swing and the fishing trips are coming back to back it is more difficult to do a monthly report... Ok, so the truth of the matter is my wife went to Georgia in June, which means there wasnít anyone to type a report up for me.  But now she is home and we are trying to catch up.  I hope you enjoy the July report and will come to visit with us soon.  As you will see the fishing is getting better and better.

July Fishing Report 




The waters are looking good and so is the fishing!  The waters of the North Fork of the Shoshone are receding after the wettest spring we have had in the 6 years we have lived here.  The fish are still working their way back down to the lake.  Some nice ones are being caught on big deep stuff, but the great fishing is yet to come.  It will be prime around the first week of August.  The fish have been running 16 to 18 inches with some at 20 inches.  

The Clarks Fork has been high but fishing well.  My Colorado buddy, John Perry, and I floated the Clarks fork on July 8th.  It was a day with big dryís.  With an orange Turkís and an orange rubber legged stimulator we caught a dozen nice Rainbows and Browns between 17-22Ē.  John lost one that was much bigger.  When there was a lull in catching trout we switched to Green Copper John to feel the tug of white fish on the line.

On the Clarksfork

The section of the Shoshone River that runs through town has been the highlight the past week. After receiving some huge flushing flows the river has been fishing awesome! The big Browns are slamming big Buggers in the riffles and pour-overs. The Rainbows are taking a sow bug or egg pattern fished as a trailer. The fish are beautiful and fat. Even the lower stretches between Corbitt and Powell are fishing well. Thank goodness for the flush.

The Greybull is still high but fish are coming up to drys. Use a Turks, Stimulator or Sparkle Dun to get fish to the surface. Add a dropper in the morning to get things started. Like the Shoshone, the high water has cleaned this little stream also and it is beautiful.

Healthy Stone Fly

Scott is getting excited about Stream Ecology!

The Upper Clarks Fork is fishing good as well. The fish are taking a variety of Drys and Beadheads. The views are spectacular and the fish seem more plentiful than last year. The excess water and special regulations seem to be working. I havenít made it into the canyon yet this year. I am waiting for mosquito season to subside. I look forward to the hike as it is one of my favorite places to fish (although I seem to be alone on this hike due to its extreme difficulty).
The 90 degree heat has we have experienced the past several weeks has increased the lake temperatures. However, we had a phenomenal year Damsel fishing. We are still slamming fish with hoppers on our private ponds, although this is the time to remember to release fish carefully due to the heat. If you release them too soon they become tangled in the vegetation and will die. So please be kind and be sure they are revived them before you release.

Speaking of kind...the fish were kind to Warren Vanderhill during his July trip.  Click here to see some of his other "kindnesses."

Warren Vanderhill

The 2005 summer season is in full swing.   

The waters are almost Prime.

Are you missing it?  Call today!

The time is at hand in Cody Country.  Try to book trips as early as possible as we are filling up quick!   We do still have some slots open in September and October.  I predict this year the fall fishing will be some of the best we have seen in years; so if you canít make a summer trip call now to reserve your fall trip.


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